Top 5 Businesses of the Month – May in Birkenhead

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The Birkenhead community impressed us so much that we’ve dedicated this month’s blog to this hotspot. Park the car and explore Birkenhead by foot.

1. Lovenotes

I met Manda before I met Lovenotes, and got an instant feel for the goodness and substance this company brings to the community. Do you know it takes 10 litres of water to recycle 1 sheet of waste paper? Manda and the team at Lovenotes combat this by creating beautiful stationary for you from your one-sided, used (non-confidential) scrap paper. There is something uplifting about writing on orderly scrap paper. With a pay as you go system, I have signed up. It is fun, inexpensive (from $135) and one box of scrap paper makes 50-80 notebooks for you to keep! Whether you are a business owner or serial printer, Lovenotes is a win-win.


2. Crave

This is one of those stores you could spend an hour in. Winner of the Giftware and Homeware category for the Auckland Top Shop Awards in 2012, this wonderfully quirky, colourful and well-curated store will be a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs. Sidekick have been personalising their referral giftslately and I would definitely see happy faces from our vibrant referees with gifts from here. Crave have a great selection of clocks, cushions and crockery, 100% a go-to for birthday shopping if you haven’t found the perfect gift yet.


3. Dappa Dogs

For all your dog grooming needs, Dappa Dogs will have you covered. Known for their bright orange store and team of National Master-Certified Groomers, your dog will be well looked after whether you want a trim or a full-on salon spa treatment for your pooch. This is the place for you if only the best will do.


4. Bloom

As a sucker for cupcakes, Bloom makes the cut with yummy handmade cupcakes for all occasions. They have many designs to knock your socks off, including Berry Lamington, Rasberry Tart, and Nutella Caramel. This is a dainty stop-over suited to a catch up with your best friend, or to take some cupcakes home for a home-hosted high tea.


5. Coffee General

Coffee is the life-source of busy workers like us, so it is good to know where to get a good one. I have been to Coffee General time and time again and they have never disappointed. As the coffee connoisseurs of Birkenhead, Coffee General made it in Metro Magazines Top 50 Café’s in Auckland in 2013. This small coffee shop provides a cosy dwelling for meetings or is nice for some peace and quiet to rejuvenate before the day begins.

coffee general

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