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Recently we had a new client join us in the tech/marketing space that we thought stood out! It’s called Hail, a platform for you to collect and collaborate on your content. And it seems as though the timing is spot on for them.

Many of our customers talk to us about their needs around their marketing (and often sales but that’s another story) and how they can get their message out there. Who will create the material? How will they deliver it? How can they present themselves as the experts they ARE in their industry?

The answer is often, Content Marketing.

But like many things, it’s not just knowing what the solution is, it’s how you apply the solution, Hail makes the solution easy. You can collaborate with your colleagues or marketing partners. You can share the content and get it out there really easily across many platforms.
We’re about to start using it! Because believe or not, it’s not super easy getting the accountants round here to jump into action and write a blog!
We think there’ll be many people like us that need this kind of solution – So we want to share it and get it out there.


“Hail provides a one-stop, collaborative content creation, management and publishing system. Now you can efficiently leverage your content across online publications, blogs, email and social media.”

If you’d like to find out more, please RSVP to one of the regional roadshows by following the links below:

RSVP for the Christchurch event now
RSVP for the Auckland event now

Many thanks, Ric


p: 03 377 0700
fp: 0800 SIDEKICK
m: 021 708 255
Book a time with me here: Thanks too to Concentrate for their images regarding the stats of US tech co’s

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